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7-19-17: Restaurant to Another World

I'm so excited to serve up mouth-watering scrumptiousness as Aletta in Restaurant to Another World! Episode 1 is already out, so go watch! New episodes premeire every Wed at 3p CST on the Funimation site.

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7-14-17: NEW GAME!

Episodes 1-6 of S1 go up later today (7/14) and 7-12 launch 7/28. Funimation will also be simuldubbing season two, with new episodes being uploaded each week.

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5-5-17: Brave Witches

Earlier this year, I voiced a boat. Now I'm voicing a plane. What a world we live in. The dub premeires 5/8.

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4-27-17: Hyouka

KI NI NARIMASU! I'm so stoked to be playing this sassy-pants in Hyouka! Hyouka is one of my favorite shows of all time and it's animated BEAUTIFULLY by the talented people at KyoAni. You can own it on 07/04!

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