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Got a question for me? Cool beans! I (probably) have an answer for you. But first, please make sure your question isn't already answered in the FAQ. If it's not, feel free to shoot me a message using the contact form below.



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How can I become a voice actor?

TAKE ACTING LESSONS. Sign up for theatre classes or audition for a local play! Theatre helps perfect your craft so, so much. I know most of you will roll your eyes at this advice ("But I don't like to act with my body!" What does that even mean?) and say you're only interested in anime/video game voice over. Fine... Below are some links that'll help. (But seriously, DO THEATRE.)

General Info:
Dee Bradley Baker's "All to Know About Going Pro in VO"
Answerman FAQ - How Do I Become a Voice Actor?

Sonny Strait's Voice Acting Workshop
Chris Rager's "The Sessions: VO in Anime and Video Games"
Bang Zoom's "Adventures in Voice Acting"
Crispin Freeman's "Voice Acting Mastery"

Will you be at [insert con name here]?

Probably not. For me to be a guest at a convention, that con has to invite me. So, if you want to see this face at a convention near you, let the con staff know!

Will you be in my project?

Maybe! Send me an e-mail with details about your project and payment info.

Will you be in my hentai project?